Surprise a person you love.
Gift the earth you love.
This year give a year of climate neutral* living to yourself or a loved one.
*United Nations certified
Covered our story:
  •   How it works:
  • 1 Choose the country you or the gifted person lives in.

    The average total emissions per person in this country will be displayed. The total emissions consist among other things all forms of mobility, nutrition and consumption. The underlying emission factors are provided by the World Bank.
  • 2 Offset and neutralize the emissions by United Nations certified projects that support people and the environment in India, Peru und Bangladesh
  • 3 You receive a certificate stating the impact created and the amount of emissions compensated

Why compensate?

To stop climate change everyone of us is only allowed to emit 1 ton of CO2 per year. However the average carbon footprint per person in Germany is about 9 tons of CO2. Reduce your Carbon Footprint as much as possible and neutralize the remaining emissions through United Nations certified climate protection projects for yourself or a loved one.

Receive or give a year climate neutral life

Receive our individualized certificate after compensating. It states the name of the person as well as the amount of emissions offset and the positive impact created by the individual projects. Also with every compensation we send you an extensive paper concernign the climate protection projects and their certification in detail as well as more information about the idea of carbon offsetting.

Our Mission

Support our mission to connect the world sustainably. Mindfulflights is an initiative by students to solve the climate crisis. By living climate neutral you protect the Amazon rainforest, enable renewable energy in India and provide clean drinking water in Bangladesh.
Our climate
protection projects
Your contribution enables three different climate protection projects at one time. The projects reduce the amount of greenhouse gases your flight emits and let you fly climate neutral while having a strong social and ecological impact.

Start now, select your country and offset a year of emissions for yourself or loved one

Select a country to offset the emissions for the average person living there. The data is provided by the World Bank and the offsets are certified by the United Nations. Play a little and see how much carbon you, a loved one or your family emits.
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Carbon Neutral

Offsets 100% of your yearly carbon foorprint.
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CO2 compensated for your gift

Carbon Hero

Offsets two times your yearly carbon foorprint.
0 t
CO2 compensated for your gift

Offset the CO2 you want

Offsets a number of months.
CO2 compensated for your gift

The 3 projects you support

Peru India Bangladesh
Peru: With your contribution you stop illegal deforestation and plant new trees. Every ton of carbon compensated protects 350 m² of amazon rainforest.
Project certified by CCBA Standard
India: Your contribution makes wind energy possible in India and prevent the construction of coal power plants. Every ton of carbon you compensate helps 8 people to receive clean energy.
Project certified by United Nations (UNFCCC)
Bangladesh: You are giving access to clean drinking water by providing people with an WHO-approved instrument that measures UV-light levels to determine when the water has been disinfected by the sun. Wood no longer has to be burned which protects the local forest and animals. Per compensated ton of CO2, 5 people are provided with clean drinking water.
Project certified by University of Natural Resources Vienna and recommended by the World Health Organization
Please enter your name, your email adresse and the name of the person(s) on the certificate.

You receive an individualized certificate and more information about the projects you supported per mail.
Price of your compensation:
*United Nations certified offsets